Goat Milk Soap

We make cold pressed goat milk soap in small batches. This is a process where different base oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil, are combined with sodium hydroxide (lye) which has been dissolved in goat milk. Once combined, essential oils and other items such as corn meal may be added to the batch. The batch is then poured into molds where it is left to saponify. Saponification is the chemical process in which an acid and base combine to neutralize each other and form into a salt. This salt is what we call soap. Once a soap is fully cured, there is no sodium hydroxide left because it has undergone a chemical change as it combined with the fat in the oils. Different oils and essential oils are used depending on what I desire the properties of the soap to be.

We offer multiple flavors of Goat Milk Soap: